Monday, November 5, 2012

Second Quarter

Halloween is finally behind us after being extended into November thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We've changed our clocks back, the days seem shorter,  and now we begin the second quarter of school.  Report cards will be issued this week.  Please look for speech and language progress notes included in the report card envelope.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. 

In Mrs. Lea's class we will be discussing winter holidays and weather changes during our class lessons.  We will be reading many adapted books related to the seasons, playing games, cooking, and working on the Smartboard and iPads throught the next two months.  If your child receives monthly progress notes, keep in mind we combine the months of November and December due to the holiday breaks.  You will receive your next report in December. 

Individual therapy sessions are running smoothly.  For the most part the kids are taking responsibility of coming down on time, bringing their folders, and working hard during our sessions.  Some students have not been bringing their folders.  We use folders to keep sticker incentives and to send home work completed in class.  If you have not seen a folder come home, please ask your child about this.  I remind them each time, to put the folders in their backpacks to take home. 

Happy November
Mrs. Hodgson